As a volunteer, you will shadow doctors or other members of the staff. You will help them according to your expertise, comfort and Spanish level. A certified doctor / nurse could assign you to execute different activities such as:

  • Accompanying a doctor or nurse and assist with general check-ups
  • Conduct medical checkups
  • Help with the triage
  • Take blood pressure and other vital signs
  • Organize patient records
  • Prepare materials and equipment, and help during meals.

There might be times when you are asked to help with tasks that are not related to the medical field. We encourage you to be proactive. While at the hospital you should always wear Scrubs or a white robe. Please be respectful to the hospital’s staff and keep a humble attitude. It is very important to understand that the concept of organization and punctuality is very important at the Hospital; everybody at the Hospital work according to a structured plan; therefore, they are able to give structured direction. You will work with Guatemalan staff with little to NO ENGLISH, but with good attitude, language barriers can be broken.

In Guatemala, hospitals / clinics for low-income families often lack funds and staff, making it difficult to provide for the most vulnerable population. By becoming a medical volunteer (Pre-med, Med-nurses) at the hospital of Santo Hermano Pedro you are really making an impact in the lives of hospital professionals and their patients.

Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro provides volunteers, students and professionals, the opportunity to work in their hospital to collaborate with medical projects following the Franciscans values of Compassion, Solidarity and Mercy. This volunteer opportunity happens inside the HOSPITAL, mainly in the area of PRE AND POST SURGERY. Volunteers work together with doctors, nurses, therapists and other medical professionals.

This opportunity involves working with people who recently had surgery performed on them by GRADUATED MEDICAL VOLUNTEERS WITH MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

The responsibilities and type of work depend to a large extent on the work available and what is happening in the wards area. Depending on their medical experience and their abilities in the Spanish language, volunteers can do things such as: General care, the distribution of drugs or classification, nutrition and general well-being of patients. This may include a change of beds, physical therapy and post-operative education, accompany a doctor or nurse to assist with general check-ups, take blood pressure and other vital signs, organize patient records, prepare materials and equipment, and help during the foods Your level of participation in medical and health care projects is mainly due to:

This program offers an amazing opportunity for suitable applicants who are 18 years and over to work alongside qualified medical professionals and gain first-hand insight into the Guatemalan healthcare system. It is open to those with experience and/or education in the field of medicine, as well as med-school and pre-med students. Volunteers on this project will need at least an intermediate understanding of Spanish in order to communicate effectively with patients and staff. Naturally, all applicants must also have a genuine willingness to help, show drive and initiative, and bring a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. If this sounds like you, we want you on the team!

Additionally, volunteers applying to join this program will be required to supply to following documentation:

  • Emergency contact
  • Police check
  • Resume

During your stay in La Antigua Guatemala, you will be working at Hospital de Dia Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro; We work with general medicine, pre and post operatory. The staff at this clinic are always welcoming to volunteers!

septiembre 2018

Lun Mar Mie Jue Vie Sab Dom


Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro recognizes the importance of protecting confidential information in any form (talking, paper, electronic) concerning patients, their families, medical staff members, employees, and volunteers in the operation of HOSPITAL DE DIA (PRE OP / POST OP), as well as the importance of protecting the proprietary information of HOSPITAL DE DIA (PRE OP / POST OP).

The purpose of this agreement is to document the understanding and agreement of Volunteers to maintain the confidentiality of such information at all times. More specifically, patient information should only be relayed to those persons involved with the patient’s treatment; persons designated by HOSPITAL DE DIA.

SCOPE OF AGREEMENT: I agree to follow all policies and procedures, rules and regulations of HOSPITAL DE DIA including, but not limited to the following:

  •  I will protect the confidentiality of patients, medical staff, employees, volunteers and other proprietary information as well as any privileged or confidential information.
  • I will inform my immediate supervisor of any and all requests for a patient’s confidential information and follow directions on how to proceed.
  • I will not release such confidential information to any unauthorized source.
  •  I understand and agree not to access or attempt to access information unless I have been authorized to do so and this access is needed to perform my volunteer duties.
  • I will not release any confidential information without the appropriate authority providing me with the permission to do so.
  • I will report breaches of this Confidentiality Agreement by others to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • I will inform my supervisor of any accidental unauthorized disclosure of a patient’s confidential information.
  • I will maintain confidentiality agreement upon termination of service and will return all confidential materials as directed by HOSPITAL DE DIA.
  • I will not store Confidential Information on non-CLINIC systems including on personal computers or devices AND will not maintain or send Confidential Information to any unencrypted mobile device in accordance with CLINIC policies.

BREACH OF AGREEMENT. I understand that breach of any provision of this Agreement may result in immediate termination of relationship, at the option of HOSPITAL DE DIA, in addition to any other rights and remedies available at law (civil and criminal) which HOSPITAL may pursue. Please sign below to indicate your acceptance and agreement with these terms outlined above.

Asociación Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro
Child Protection Policy
Behavior Protocol Guidelines for Volunteers, Sponsors, Partners and Contractors

We are an institution that transform lives, living by the Gospel. We serve the poor and the needy in Guatemala without distinction by providing housing and healthcare services of the highest quality, in the manner of Santo Hermano Pedro, sharing the mercy and tenderness of the Franciscan spirit. We are known for doing our best to reach the sick and vulnerable, with love and humility we help improve their well-being.

Through our work we seek to transform the lives of those who come into contact with us. Specially children.

Child rights and Child Protection are paramount for Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro. We believe and promote that all children, without any exception whatsoever, have equal rights to health, education, protection and physical/mental development. This ethos is the axis of Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro and we pursuit to implement this believe on every program we execute.

Therefore, Volunteers, Sponsors, Partners and Contractors, are expected to help us in protecting children and securing their rights by abiding by these Behavior Protocols at all time.

Sexual Abuse of Children is a crime and will always be reported to the relevant authorities. Inappropriate behavior toward children, including failure to follow Obras Sociales Protocols or sexual abuse of a child is grounds for termination of any contract.

Any breach of this protocol by the contractor or the institution /staff who represent in providing services in implementation of this contract, will result in termination of contract.

1. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor must be concerned about perception and appearance in their relationship with children.

2. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor shall not hire children for child labor.

3. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor shall not use verbal conduct such as derogatory comments or sexual harassment, invitations, or using power and authority to persuade a child to act in ways that may sexually gratify the adult.

4. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor shall not use visual items of sexual nature or make children feel uncomfortable such
as derogatory posters, pornography of any kind, cartoons, drawings or gestures, any form of written communication.

5. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor must not intentionally cause physical pain or injury to a child or do any form of child

6. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor must not exchange personal information with children (eg. address, phone number, email, Facebook or other social media contacts).

7. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor shall not post child photos, videos and other personal information of children (child last name, ID number, specific medical conditions, child measurement, child home address, school name, school address, community and village landmarks, parents place of employment) on their personal Facebook and other social media page.

8. AOSSHP volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor should dress properly while visiting the Hospital, Virgen del Socorro, Guarderia, Proyecto Nutricional, Obras Sociales requests all visitors to dress in a culturally acceptable way i.e. not to dress in mini dresses, miniskirts and transparent clothes. Long dresses and skirts (at least Knee length), trousers and jeans are recommended.

9. AOSSHP Pedro volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractor must show respect for culture and human rights.

10. Inform automatically to a staff member of AOSSHP if there is notice or suspect any incident of abuse or harm to children in any Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Project.

Non-compliance with this protocol will be taken seriously.
Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro reserves the right to refer criminal offences to the police and/or social services.
I have read and understood, and I agree to adhere to the Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro behavior Protocols.